20 Adorable Etsy Finds for the Home

Beard Bangs

It's been a while since we did a post on Etsy Finds for the home, and we couldn't help notice all the fun things being made there as of late through our good ol' Etsy Page (do you visit those pages anymore)? We almost forgot about them. As well, from following Etsy on Instagram. Lots of good finds to be had.  Here's just a few that have caught our eye. By the way, do you miss the Etsy Treasury as much as we do?


1. Vinyl Stickers
(Above and directly below), Vinyl stickers made in France by DOMINO by Mlle Ing. Love them for the stairs!

2. Art for Your Walls
New works by Clare Elsaesser. Click here for more.

3.  Shelf System
Love this pine and turquoise set by Sandraneilan.

4. Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf 
A fun floating shelf bohemian style by Noma Macrame

5. Hanging Planter
Hang a plant, hang anything! A fun porcelain hanging planter on a rope by Light and Ladder

6.  Box Cushions
These would make nice seating on the floor in a tent! Brushstroke box cushions by Ink Object.

7.  Black Cat Planter
This kitty-inspired planter is to die for. By Beard Bangs

8.  Eames Chairs
A pair of original Eames DKR chairs from Virare. Fun find!

9. Wall Sconce
A double brass wall sconce - great for the bath or stairwell. From IndLights.

10.  Metal Hanging Planter
A cute way to hang a plant from Norwegian Wood.

11.   Soy Candles
Can't find the P.F. Candles brand in your city? Well did you know their on Etsy? Find them here.

12.  Retro Rattan Armchair
A fun retro chair from Latelierbellelurette.

13.  Copper Pipe Clothing Rack
A distinct clothing rack that also becomes decor. From ShopTheOther.

14.  Bean Bag
A cozy bean bag by Seven Seas Home.

15.  Catnap Pillowcases
From Xenotees.

16. Hanging Wire Fruit Basket
We love this picture from +Etsy which includes a hanging wire fruitbasket by Charest Studio.

17. Black & White Pitcher
Moroccan-inspired hand-painted pattern from Casa Cubista.

18. Triangle Shelf
A shelf with a built-in towel bar, perfect for the bath. By LisaMTerry.

19.  Hanging Rattan Chair
Almost like new, vintage hanging rattan chair. From CasaBohemeStudio.

20.  Cactus Cushions
And how can we not resist these cactus cushions? From The Fox In The Attic.

Jan Halvarson


ursula said...

The shelf with mint is my fave! Pinned ;)

Unknown said...

I love numbers 2 and 4! Great job, great finds. Thank you for sharinghttp://whimsicalwolfblog.com/


Great finds! Our favourite are definitely the Black cat Planter plus the Catnap Pillowcases :)

Unknown said...

I have similar Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf in my home. The hanging planters are also my favorite. :)))


Unknown said...

I have a similar Macrame Wall Hanging Shelf in my home and I love it! I also like these hanging planters :)))


Adam Egarr said...

The vinyl stickers really do it for me. Seeing them on the staircase is a real eye-opener - so creative. And the metal hanger for the plant is something you tend to see in a lot of modern homes. It's a great way to add a bit of verdant colour to a home, without taking up any floor space.