Ikea Launches JASSA | Rattan + Textiles Collection

Starting March 1st, IKEA Canada will be launching a limited collection called JASSA. JASSA is inspired by Indonesian and South East Asian design traditions, featuring an eclectic mix of furniture, textiles and accessories. JASSA’s handmade products are all created out of natural raw materials. This limited edition collection will be available while supplies last (approximately 4-6 weeks). And we have a feeling these are going to go fast!  (Above: JASSA series. Cushion cover $4.99/each L50×W50cm. Assorted patterns/blue Cushion cover $9.99/each L65×W65cm. Assorted patterns Lounger $149.00 W87×D103, H65cm. Lounger $149.00 W77×D152, H60cm)

Let's take a look at some more!

"The JASSA collection encourages people to come together,
and that’s how it’s been from the very start. It was conceived
by five creative minds, developing and sharing their ideas around a common theme.
The team included Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek and IKEA
in-house designers Nike Karlsson, Iina Vuorivirta and Paulin
Machado, guided and coordinated by Karin Gustavsson. Each
designer has put his or her own stamp on the collection, but its
parts come together to generate a sense of free-spirited fun.
As a Creative Leader, Karin’s goal is to create a more relaxed,
functional and beautiful world. “JASSA is about taking familiar
things like hand-woven natural fibre objects and batik textiles and transforming them into something new and exciting,” she says.

For people who don’t want to go all in with the Bohemian
look, JASSA offers lots of options. Karin explains, “The earthy
handmade furniture can be combined with cooler, simpler black
and white fabrics. Or you can scatter a few brightly coloured
JASSA cushions on an existing sofa. Creative people might want to make something of their own with the pre-cut fabrics. In the true spirit of JASSA, we say ‘anything goes’!”
JASSA cushion covers.$4.99/each and fabrics

Wind chime $9.99/each

Room divider $89

Lounger $119.0

JASSA sofa $149.00 Handmade by a skilled craftsman. Clear lacquered rattan. Designer: Iina Vuorivirta.

JASSA plates. Side plate $4.99/each Plate $6.99 each, Serving $12 each

Decoration vase $34.99 Bowl $29.99

Easy chair $99.99

JASSA pendant lamps.Cord set sold separately, $29.00 each, Lamp Shade $49

JASSA cushion covers L50×W50cm $4.99/each Assorted patterns/blue Assorted colours L65×W65cm $9.99/each

JASSA pre-cut fabric $14.99/each

JASSA floor cushion$19.99 each

JASSA series. Easy chair $129.00/each W65×D70, H67cm. Cushion cover $4.99

Jan Halvarson


MyGardenGifts said...

Rattan and cane add to a more naturalistic appeal. I like the look of natural cane in my green room and more so because of its simplistic appeal. Thumbs up to the Jaffa line of products.

Unknown said...

I am super excited about this line of products, but I cannot find any mention of them on the Ikea website. It's March 1, 2017 and that is the day that it was stated they would come out. Is anyone having any luck finding these products online?

Mary in SA

Jan Halvarson said...

Mary - you could call them? Each city is different I'm sure.