Handmade Floral Chocolate Bars + Free Printable

Valentine's Day is approaching (as we all know), and our friend Lindsey Buck of The Hive Studio is sharing with us today, a sweet and thoughtful take on a traditional "chocolate" gift: Handmade Floral Chocolate Bars with a beautiful free chocolate bar wrapper she created with her beautiful calligraphy.

Handmade Floral Chocolate Bars
Makes 2 bars

You will need
floral calligraphy chocolate bar wrapper printable (click HERE to print)
wax paper
baking sheet
edible flowers
milk chocolate morsels
and a fridge!

Place wax paper onto a baking sheet. Melt the milk chocolate in bowl and place in the microwave until melted. Try this in 10 second increments. Pour the chocolate into a baking pan lined with wax paper, and smooth out. As you're pouring this, realize this is how "thick" the chocolate bar will be, so if you want thin chocolate bars, don't pour as much into the pan with this first batch. If you want thicker chocolate bars, pour more as needed. Smooth out with a spoon or spatula (unless you have a fancier, smoother-outer tool that I don't have) until it's all evenly spread.

Take some of your desired edible flowers and strategically place them throughout your entire baking sheet of chocolate. You can be as much as a perfectionist as you like, but we find the less one thinks about it, the more charming these turn out to be.

Pace in the fridge for a few hours/over night (cover with wax paper in case anything drips on top of the chocolate while you're away).

Take out of the fridge and set out for an hour or so, so that it's easier to cut apart. Take a knife & carefully cut out your desired size of chocolate bars.

Print the wrapper downloadable (any nice card stock will do), and cut and fold to size (print, then lightly fold around the chocolate bar before cutting and fold around it).

Wrap it around the candy bars, and viola! You've got yourself a sweet little Gal/Pal/Valentine's gift!

Thank you Lindsey!

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