Disptach from Sweden | IKEA Art Event

Top row: Life is Pay The Bill of Hahan, Assembling Reality by Amit Greenberg. Bottom line: Around a table by Joanna Concejo, Shelfie by Jean Jullien.

Returning for it's second year, IKEA presents ART EVENT. a versatile collection where interesting and acclaimed artists from different parts of the world were asked to create original pieces which were then turned into limited edition prints.

"Drawing by hand is a fascinating art form that reminds us of what it means to be human in a world driven by rapid technology and digital development. These cartoons are full of sensuality and tactility, it's almost like the artist left his fingerprints on the surface of the paper. " Henrik Most, creative director of IKEA.

The 12 motifs in ART EVENTS 2017 mediate a variety of personal expression, techniques and stories. Different mediums, subjects and styles were used; everything from pencils, colored pencils, ink, chalk and charcoal to watercolor, gouache and pastel. The posters are printed on thick heavyweight matte paper with a tactile surface. Sold at IKEA stores and online in April/17.

Hell'O, a duo consisting of Jérôme Meynen and Antoine Detaille. Their vision of this work was "to create a mix of people and animals in a positive way, to paint a figure that is assembled of several fun heads,"

Top row: Big Audio Dyn-o-mite! Kevin Lyons, Naive Suave by Imaginary Band 170, Rainbows of Amandine Urruty. Bottom line: Reflections on the deep thoughts of Micha Payer & Martin Gabriel, NightwalkTeam by Ragnar Persson, Matsuri of Yasuto Sasada.

Jan Halvarson

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