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Dawn Chandelier

Continuing with our new series, Dispatch from Canada, today we're excited to feature the work of Vancouver designer, Matthew McCormick.  We were first introduced to Matthew through Provide Home a couple years back and ever since have enjoyed following his work; especially his lighting objects, like the Halo Chandelier (above).  Here's our Q & A:

Halo Chandelier

We're big fans, how would you describe your work/aesthetic?

Thanks! My aim is to create hand-crafted lighting that marries a graphical aesthetic with technical precision, usually centered around one clear graphic statement. In terms of aesthetic, I focus on distilling an idea to its simplest form, where clean lines hide a complicated construction process. My pieces oscillate between the mathematical precision of geometrical objects alongside smaller, more personal jewelry pieces.

Dawn Chandelier

Where did you train or study and how did your practice form?

I started my career as a graphic designer, but when I made the transition into lighting I also apprenticed in electrics, which means that I also know the trade side of things as well. I’m fortunate enough to understand lighting not just from the designer’s point of view but from the points of view of engineers, contractors and electricians, a very useful edge! When I design a new project, I am involved from the concept sketches right to the making and installation of the final product. Mastering the whole process gives me a more holistic view of what works in any specific space.

I am very fortunate to having been able to expand my production using my custom-made lighting commissions as the engine to build a new business model. You could say that in a way, I’ve been able to craft my own business using the design process as a guide.

Dawn Chandelier

Dawn Chandelier

Do you have a favourite piece that you've designed?

That’s like asking a parent what child they like the most! I give birth to these ideas, and even before they’re out in the world I’m thinking about and planning the next ones. Research and development are key to my very hands-on process, and we often design our own parts and electrical components, which always keeps us busy.

Each project is a labour of love, and each piece is so different from the next. I obsess over details and strive to refine and keep refining. I am particularly proud of one of my most recent products the Halo.

Halo Chandelier

Halo Chandelier

As a Canadian, what part of Canada inspires your work if at all do you think?

Being Canadian and being based on the Pacific West Coast, we’re so lucky to be surrounded by open spaces, natural light, and landscapes, all of which have a clear impact on my work. I get inspired by everything that surrounds me. I’m a yogi, and the learnings from that practice helps me to bring balance and a positive state of mind to my business. I believe in practicing a combination of playful optimism, mindfulness, appreciation of simple things in life, and attention to all details.

How do you create best (e.g. do you listen to music while you create and if so what?)

I feel as though that’s a bit of a paradox for me. I strive to work and collaborate with other creatives, allowing free flowing of ideas and horning on details to make things even better, but I also think some of my best work hits me when I least expect it. I can be having a shower and an idea hits and I’ll start drawing it out of the foggy glass, or I can be half asleep, tossing and turning an idea in my head and I can’t rest until I sketch it out and see it realized. It’s in these quiet moments that I think I’m most receptive to be creative. Having the opportunity to work with other talented people just helps magnify it.

What are your favourite tools?

Using software like SolidsWorks software, 3D printing in steel and other materials excites me, but there’s something to be said other old craftsmanship that stands the test of time. That being said, nothing beats old fashion pen and paper.



What are you working on currently that excites you?

We’re planning to attend Milan FuoriSalone this year but it’s a bit of a surprise, and we’re still working on the details. We’re also excited to be actively expanding our distribution in Europe and Latin America.

What is new happening for you - anything you'd like us to report?

We are launching internationally and expecting a lot of exciting stuff in 2017.

Thank you Matthew! Can't wait to see what's to come!  

Follow Matthew online:
Site: matthewmccormick.ca
Twitter: @MMcCormickInc
Facebook: @matthewmccormickdesign
Instagram: @matthew.mccormick

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