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Speaking of sheds (see previous post), do you remember this post from six years back? Thought it was worth a reblog. Junkaholique's Artemis Russel and her husband Nao's his and her sheds. These sheds are pre-babies (and now they have 2 little ones). One of our favorites.  Check out the original post below.

Some of you may remember seeing Artemis Russel's adorable sewing and weaving shed a while back (it floated around the internet and even made an appearance here at one point); well now her husband Nao has his own shed which he's using as a leather workshop and which is equally charming.  Check out more pics here (I love how she can see him from her shed).  You may also remember their beautiful handmade wedding I posted about here last August - definitely worth a visit if you have time. 


Jan Halvarson

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