12 Backyard Sheds You Can DIY or Buy

It's that time of year again, just before spring kicks in and we dream of having the most adorable backyard shed ever for summer.  With a Pinterest board to prove our love for backyard buildings, here's a few that you can actually buy or DIY.  Check them out below.

1. DIY Wood Pallet Shed
An impressive build using found pallets. Get the  how-to here.

2. Open Dining Space
Love this idea with an open entryway leading into an outdoor/indoor space. And apparantly you can order one (in the Netherlands, mind you), but still you can. More info via messynessychic.com.

3. Outdoor Office
This simple lean to shed could be your summer studio. This one you can buy. Click here for more info.

4. DIY Four-Door Shed
Make an adorable shed made from four doors. Click here for the instructions.

5. DIY Potting Shed
Could a potting shed get any cuter? Uh, nope!  By Nitty Gritty Dirt Man. Via The Owner Bbuilder Network. Click here for the plans!

6. DIY Modern Shed
A modern take on a shed with a roll up metal door (perfect for the bikes). Click here for the directions.

7. Wood Garden Shed
Such a cute space to start your flowers. Or a home office? This one is to buy. Click here for more info.

8. Studio Shed
From storage to studio, this one comes as a customized pre-fab. Click here for more details.

Backyard Bedroom
Great for guests! A bedroom in the backyard.  Click here for more info.

10. Wood Shingled Shed
Part greenhouse, part garden shed, and an open front porch that makes it look like a tiny house.Via BHG.

11. Craft Shed
A place just for crafts. Dreamy. More info here.

12. Backyard Sauna
A little extravagant, but while we're dreaming. A backyard wood burning sauna anyone? Click here for more info.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

I am so in the mood now for Spring & Summer. See ya later winter! I'm planning on upgrading our garden with a new greenhouse but there is some serious food for thought here. Loving the hybrid shed / greenhouses! Thanks for sharing x

martha brown said...

I'm having a shed built this summer and now you have made the planning SO MUCH HARDER! :)