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We've been following San Antonio based artist, Rikkianne Van Kirk for quite some time here on Poppytalk and recently caught up with her on instagram where we noticed a whirlwind of creative activity.  We were delighted to find out she recently became an Artist in Residence at Richter Goods in San Antonio, and so we invited her to share with us what she's been up to. After this post, we've added some links to Rikkianne's online shop where she has a colleciton of some of her works for sale. We love her new illustrated calendars for 2017! 

Rikkianne explains:

"I was recently invited to be the Artist in Residence at Richter Goods. Richter Goods is an ever-evolving retail space, created by clothing designer Mario Guajardo. Mario creates made-to-measure and ready-to-wear clothing in San Antonio, with every piece manufactured in-house.

Mario's retail space incorporates a nice size parking lot which he’s converted into sort of a base camp for creatives. Parked on the lot are airstreams, food trucks, and shipping containers; occupied respectfully by a leather maker, a vintage goods dealer, an up-and-coming clothing brand out of Austin, TX, a barber shop, and really good coffee shop. It's quite a sight to see and the overall vibe is welcoming, exciting, genuine, and raw. The space draws everyone in from airstream fans, to downtown professionals dropping by for coffee, to locals who want to take a closer look at the shipping containers. Everyone is excited to see what's going to pop up next. Speaking of, it's proving itself to be a wonderful area for pop up business.

While I have been focusing on illustration, Richter has provided me with a chance to go bigger and broader. So far, I've created hand painted wall hangings and have collaborated with Mario on hand painted flags. Additionally, we’re working on a line of wearable art, as well as developing artist workshop nights. I've also been able to take advantage of the pop up side of things by participating in shopping events. I’ve even collaborated with my friend/landlord who happens to be an amazing woodworker. I needed displays that would be easy to transport inside and out of the shop, all the while keeping with the common aesthetic. I found inspiration online and emailed a pic to Howard. I’m so thrilled with not only the finished result, but also the ability share Howard's DIY of these displays. They are a simple design and easy to carry, making them perfect for my needs and I'm sure for a lot of others out there who might want something a little different. (See the next post for the instructions here on Poppytalk). Here's a bit of my work displayed on them.

I am truly thankful for this entire experience. Working on my art in a retail space allows me to create in an environment that is mainly business-minded. We all need to make a living and we’re giving it our all to make that happen by doing something we love.

At Richter, there is a community of folks who are passionate about not only their business, but also the city of San Antonio. I’m always excited to drive down to the space and get to work. Everyone there shares a common goal as well as a common aesthetic. This aesthetic is a mixture of minimalism, utilitarian fashion, and classic sophistication (rooted not only in Texas, but the globe). San Antonio is filled with well-traveled folks and it's evident throughout its culture. Richter is proof of that with what it produces and promotes."

Below are the folks down at the shop:

Folks who just have Instagram -

Thanks Rikkianne! Looks like an awesome spot!  If you aren't in San Antonio, be sure to check out Rikkianne's work online at rikkiannevankirk.com and on Instagram at @rikkiannevk.

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