9 Trends We Love for 2017

Real Living Magazine December 2016 - Photo Brett Stevens | Styling Corina Koch

Everyone has an opinion on trends. You either love them or loathe them. but if you love interior design, fashion, or anything design related (really), let's face it, trends are a part of our world. And although we subscribe to the "decorate with what you love" world, we still love to keep on top of what's hot or what's not. It's a fun past-time, and having been writing about design for over 11 years now, we love weighing in on what trends we are looking forward to for the new year.  And I think the feeling is mutual for 2017, we are all looking forward to a fresh start.

Colours are always a good one to start with.


1) Muted Pastels
We're seeing last year's pastels a little more muted. Think less Miami Beach, and more California Desert. Colours like sandy pinks, muted greens and softer greys, purples and blues paired with natural woods, greys, blacks, and darker mossy greens.

Benjamin Moore

 Below, we've selected 12 colours that we are loving for 2017.  The main colours (first row) being muted pastels, like 1) blush pink (which is still going strong from last year and a great colour for walls, sofa's, home accessories); 2) a powdery green (a favourite for walls right now), and 3) a soft grey with purple undertones.

The next two rows are a more intense version of the above.  Perhaps complimentary colours, in hues/surfaces like terracotta, moss greens and a darker muted purple/blues (or as Benjamin Moore predicted for their colour in 2017 - Shadow).

And the last line of colours we created as we see a push towards more natural palettes, like natural tan coloured leather sofas, lighter n atural woods and black/charcoal accents.

Blush Pink, Natural Wood and Grey Sofa and Lighting
Love this image from Real Living Magazine 's December '16 issue with a soft blush pink wall, grey sofa with lighting and rug anchoring the same colour and the natural wood credenza. Photo Brett Stevens | Styling Corina Koch

Real Living Magazine December 2016 - Photo Brett Stevens | Styling Corina Koch

Powder Green, Wood Frame, Blush Pink Rug
Another example of these colours working well together. Casual or more formal, a nice soft combination for any room. Photo Urban Outfitters.
Urban Outfitters

Creams, Soft Greens and White
Another nice palette, again with natural wood and macrame. Photo Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters

Greys, Blush Pink and Black
H&M's 2017 Spring features a combination of more pinks, greys and we're loving the black and brushed gold/brass accents and a hint of terracotta. Photo H&M Home.

H&M Home
2) Au Natural
Tan leather, lighter wood and charcoal black rug create a more natural palette. Photo Inisde Out Magazine (January 2017). Photo Anastasia Kariofylldis | Styling Simone Barter.

3) Warm Terracotta + Golden Hues
Warm rusty tones of and terracotta and golden hues are a nice change of pace and fit in well in certain spaces. We love these hues from IKEA's Livet Hemma (below). All goes good with denim.

Livet Hemma


Photo: Jason Busch for Real Living Magazine - January '17

Real Living Magazine - January '17

4) The Dark Side
Although white and colours are dominating, and natural is the new white, there's still a definite huddle around darker interiors. Things are looking luxe, we're loving the darker purple/blue hues especially on a paneled wall. If you like a little drama in your life, dark with brass accessories is it.

Love Your Home

With furniture we see not only lots of pink, greys and powdery greens with black and brushed brass accents, we're also seeing lots of mirrors, deco-inpsired influences and some returns like rattan and iridescence.

5) Rattan + Woven Cane
Rattan has had a big comeback these past couple of years and we don't see it going anywhere soon.  From ornate headboards to adorable daybeds, rattan gives a room a relaxed-vibe, in an updated 70s version of itself. Woven cane is also having a comeback as we've seen in many designs including IKEA's new GRĂ–NADAL rocking-chair.

Line Klein Studio

GRĂ–NADAL rocking-chair - IKEA
Nautica Swing Chair

6) Mirrors
From deco-inspired to faceted, wall mirrors are the shiz and so are mirrored coffee and end tables.

West Elm

West Elm

7) Iridescence
We first wrote about iridescence back in 2013, and the trend has never been more in vogue. From Tom Dixon's series we interviewed him back earlier this fall at IDS Vancouver to Patricia Urquiola's side tables and mirror we reported on during MAISON&OBJET, iridescence is very fun and futuristic.

Patricia Urquiola | (at MAISON&OBJET '16) Photo @livingcorriere

8. Floor Lounge Cushions/Sectionals
Not only for the dorm, floor lounge cushions and sectionals are a casual alternative for a sofa.

Urban Outfitters

8) Travertine + Terazzo
We saw versions of these surfaces in September when we visited Cersaie '16 in Bologna, Italy with large format tiles being applied to walls, and also at Maison et Objet .

Danish designer Troels Flensted | Photo @maisonetobjet

9) Marble
Marble has really taken it's place on surfaces and walls other than it's traditional place on floors and countertops.  We first wrote about marble here back in 2014 and this year it doesn't seem to be going anywhere soon; from textiles to wallpaper.  We love this look especially in small rooms like bathrooms or as a focal statement wall.

Shoreline Wallpaper (Poppytalk x Milton and King)

These are just a few of the trends on our radar this year.  Feel free to add what's on your radar in the comments.

Jan Halvarson


Chantel said...

Lovely photos and great trends.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Chantel!

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Loving all of these colours - it's going to be a pretty year

- Natalie

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