39 Favorite IKEA Hacks from 2016

 2016 was a record year it seems in the hack department. So many amazing ones to report. Here's 39 of our favourite we posted last year that came through our radar.


1. Spring Pink Powder Trend + FROSTA Stool
The FROSTA stool gets a pink makeover with this spring's hot colour. See more here. (By Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen)

2.  Hand Woven Chair Back
Love this idea of weaving a piece to the back of an IVAR chair. Click here to see more. Update - click here for the instructions!

3. DIY - Build TV Bench + Cupboards
We love this low version of a fauxdenza, based on the floor and covered with cement tiles.  See more info at Livet Hemma. (By Pella Hedeby, Livet Hemma-redaktionen)

4.  Bedroom Lighting DIY
Make a DIY bedroom with smart LED light strip diodes.  The stylists painted pallets in white and attached LED light strips just below the rim. The homemade bed frame light up in the dark and creates an airy feeling in the bedroom. Cool.  Click here to see more.

5. FROSTA Stools DIY + Table Nook
We love what the Ikea stylists did with this little dining nook, painting a couple of FROSTA stools in different shades of blue, the NORBO leaf table and VALJE wall cabinet.  Click here to see more. (Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Livet Hemma redaktionen)

6.  Bedside Table Planter
A fun bedside table idea using the drawer as a planter.  Click here for more info.

7.  Storage DIY
A row of magazine files are secured on a wall and we like the piece of wood (for decoration) with an attached rail and knobs for bits and bobs. Click here to see more. (Photographer: Sandra Werud, Interior designer: Therese Ericsson).

8.  Cohesive Shelving
We love these shelves painted the same colour as the wall. It adds a spacious, cohesive feeling. Click here for more info. (Photographer: Sandra Werud, Interior designer: Therese Ericsson).

9.  Suitcases as Storage
This isn't a new idea, but the way they've styled this - it's just so pretty!  See more storage ideas here.

10.  Patina Finished Planters 
New terracotta planters are given a patina look using model plaster and sand paper.  Click here for more info.

11. DIY Leather Pull + Ikea Hack
A beautiful example of the leather pull DIY.  This one from Amanda Katherine.  Click here for the how-to.

12.  DIY Ikea Shelf Hack
A nice version of a gold paint spray Ikea shelf.  From A Kailo Chic Life. Click here for the how-to.

13. Fabric Wall Hanging
(Above and directly below). The new fabric NATTGLIM makes for a great wall hanging.  Attach to wooden frames or stretch and glue onto a canvas frame. Click here for the directions.

14.  DIY LACK + Mosaic
Apply tiles to a LACK! Click here for the instructions.

15. DIY Headboard Storage
Make some room for books, and look built in.  By Pella Hedeby. Click here for the instructions.

With a little paint and wax make something new look vintage. By Helena Nord. Click here for the how-to.

17. Painted Textiles
Paint directly onto raw textiles, like larger stripes, diagonal or grids. By Tina Hellberg. Click here for more info.

18. Lacey Towels
A DIY project that is both fast and easy, and that also puts a little flavor to ordinary towels. By Helena Nord. Click here for more info.

19.  Lighting Ideas
Add some swag this holiday season to your bedroom with a few fairy light. Click here for more info.

20. Hanging Light
Tie strings of fabric onto an old lamp frame and add some fairy lights to create a hanging light. Click here for the how-to.

21. Panel Headboard
This idea is pretty brilliant.  Two BEKANT office panels are brought together to make a headboard. The curved shape creates a sense of privacy and the surface absorbs sound, providing a soft and quiet backdrop to a bed. Click here for more info.

22. Painted Vases
Clear glass vases like this one from their IKEA 365+ series are painted with acrylic paints to match the decor. Click here to see more.

23. Leather Strap Vintage Ikea Chair
The OGLA is a vintage Ikea Chair and if you're lucky to still have one, this project is a way to update the look. Click here for more info.

24. Macrame Buy or DIY
The new collection ANVÄNDBAR is both a simple hanging basket in natural string and wood, and a hanging tray for a group of plants. Want to make them yourself (as in the second picture below)? Click here for more info or as Ikea suggests, visit You Tube for ideas.

25. FROSTA Makeover
The FROSTA stool gets a makeover with some leather seating. You can get leather cut to the correct dimensions at a leather workshop if you don't have the correct tools. Ikea suggests trying to choose a sturdier leather quality that gives the podium more character. As an extra detail, they chose to drill a hole in the handle seat. The hole is 35mm in diameter and the leather was punched out in the same size. Click here for more info.

26. DIY Terrazzo Trend
We mentioned this one a few weeks ago, but in case you missed it, we've added it to the mix. Play with the illusion of terrazzo with bright splashes of paint (like this grey on black LACK) to give the impression of stone, perfect as a pair to make a budget-friendly coffee table! Click here for more info. Click here for more info.

27. Napkin Holders
Pick up some leather bands and measure so that it fits two turns around to fit the size of a napkin ring. The ends are joined by screw rivets. Leather and studs can be found in craft shops. Click here for more info.

28. Wall Decor/Storage No. 1 (above)
A cute hack ideas using an Ikea SULTAN bed slats for wall a lovely wall shelf/storage piece.
by @anouk.96

29. Wall Decor/Storage No. 1
And the original idea used for bathroom storage by Ichdesigner

30. Grid Moodboard
Using a BARSO trellis, make a grid moodbard for your home office!
by The Beauty Dojo

31. A Vintage Cabinet
Get the vintage look with some paint and wax. A step by step picture tutorial. In Swedish.
by Mormors Glamour

32. Mid Century Modern Kallax
Make and add some legs to the Kallax shelving unit and you have a mid-century modern piece!
by Hawthorne and Main

33. DIY Wooden Stool
Using the MARIUS stool, this hack looks way more expensive than it is.
by Burkatron

34.  Decoupage Tissue Pots
Make some colourful planters to brighten up your space with this adorable hack using Ikea MANDEL plant pots.
by Tell Love and Party

35. Trouser Hanger Coat Rack
A cool idea for a wall coat rack.  Nail trouser hangers side by side
by Ich Designer

36.  Bread Board Clock
Turn a simple bread board into a fun clock for the kitchen.
by Ich Designer

37. Sliding Door BILLY Shelves
A very clever hack using press board.
by Ich Designer

38. Artist Brush Holders
The GRUNDTAL knife rack gets a new task as a paint brush holder. More info here.

39. DIY Light Using an Ikea Bowl
by Kristi Murphy
An Ikea hack at it's best using a bowl and a serving bowl.

Kristi Murphy

Jan Halvarson

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