Happy Holidays + Mini Donut Snowman Kabobs

Woohoo it's finally here! It's Christmas Eve Eve, and we're signing off for a couple of days but before we do, a little holiday treat idea or even breakfast fun for everyone! Mini Donut Snowman Kabobs!  This is a fun activity that kids can make (if they are really young, maybe use candy sticks instead which aren't as pokey) and even fun for us adults!  How-to below.

What You'll Need
3 mini powdered sugar donuts per person (we bought store bought ones - but you can grab a recipe from us here if you wish to make your own).
wooden skewers
large candy sprinkles (or similar candies)
licorice (or similar - we used rainbow style from Ikea's candy section)

How To
These are pretty straight forward, but just place each donut on the skewer, with a dab of icing stick large candies into each center of the donuts (for the buttons and nose), and also dab icing onto each clove for the eyes and mouth. Then trim the licorice into thinner lengths and then tie around the neck of the donut.

And that is it!  Happy Holidays Everyone! See you soon!
Jan + Earl

Jan Halvarson

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