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Every year we like to offer up ideas for 'Gifts that Give", and one project we are huge fans of is the Obakki Foundation. Founder Treana Peake is very passionate about her foundation and works hard to make lives better in both South Sudan with water wells and in Cameroon with an orphanage/school. For the water wells,  the Obakki Foundation sells scarves. (only $29 ea). This year's colours are very beautiful and each colour represents/supports a different well. Also, right now Treana and a team of volunteers are there renovating an orphanage in Cameroon for children who would otherwise be homeless.  Both ideas would make very special gifts for a loved one, friend or co-worker. 100% of donations go toward The Obakki Foundation's humanitarian efforts. Check out the options below.

Scarves for Water Wells in South Sudan
with The Obakki Foundation

When the the Obakki Foundation sells 500 scarves, a water well will be drilled for the people of South Sudan, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to each project! $29.

"500 of these 'limited edition' CLAY scarves worn around the world build a clean water well for the village of Pulmalou.
For a decade, the pleas for clean water from the people of Pulmalou have been ignored. Now, their wait may finally be over. Although the nearest hand pump is only one kilometre from the village, there are six communities relying on it for clean water. As a result of this overcrowding, it takes almost seven hours to gather water, which means residents are only able to eat one meal per day. That single trip to the water pump produces only enough water for cooking one meal and having enough to drink. Clothing cannot be washed, bathing is nearly impossible and gardens never grow. During the rainy season, villagers will resort to drinking from contaminated puddles to avoid the congested hand pump and when these puddles disappear in the dry season, many people relocate to the nearest river (a six-hour journey, one way). This is dangerous for the women, children and elders of Pulmalou because assaults and theft frequently occur. The community has written many letters to the government over the past decade to no avail. As a result, they feel vulnerable and forgotten. The people dream of having clean water and have already planned usage timetables and budgets for potential repairs. Pulmalou’s residents want to ensure that once they finally receive clean water, it will remain in their village for generations."
 Click here for more information on all of the different scarves.

Why Water?

St. Valentine's Orphanage Gift Donation

Donating to the children of St. Valentine’s Orphanage provides for their basic needs while giving them hope for a better tomorrow. These kids are in desperate need of improvements to the austere building with leaking roof that they call home, regular medical care and educational support, and enhancement to their current diet that allows for protein only once per month.

SPECIAL HOLIDAY OFFER //  All gift donations purchased before Dec 18th will receive a personalized thank you video from the children of St. Valentines from their current trip to Cameroon. Thank you videos will be emailed by  December 21st.
100% of public donations go toward their humanitarian efforts. Visit the Obakki Foundation's Projects page to see the impact your donation can make.

For more information visit Obakki online at and as a bonus, follow Treana on Instagram where she currently is in Cameroon this week working on the school and orphanage by clicking here.

Fun fact! Our nephew, Brian Ceci is the face behind the camera taking all the videos and photo's for the Obakki Foundation. His talent for capturing these places and the state of how these people live is inspiring. If you haven't seen it, here's one of his videos from past years for the foundation.

Obakki Foundation / Water Changes Everything from Obakki Foundation on Vimeo.

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Jan Halvarson

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