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December 13th in Scandinavia is Lucia Day (Saint Lucy's Day); a beautiful tradition celebrating light and represented usually (in modern times) by an elected Lucy (in schools among students) and a even a national one for Stockholm each year.  The origin of this tradition falls on the story of a young girl Lucia who was said to wear a crown of candles upon her head to free her hands so that she could serve persecuted Christians in the caves to where they were staying. And more today it is said Saint Lucy's Day if celebrated, will help one survive the long winter days with enough light. College students also use this day as a day to celebrate with friends before heading home for the holidays.

We love the idea of the tradition as a magical way of spreading light and hope in a time when we really need it (especially in light of current events). A dream of mine is to one day visit Scandinavia during this time of year to experience this special day and partake in all of it's festivities.  Perhaps after all of this unrest in the middle east is more settled.

In the meantime, here's a few magical moments we found online worth checking out.

(Above): Artist Jonna Jinton has created Lucia Day in her own beautiful way through photos and video. to celebrate today. She's lined a walkway with candles while she wears her crown of candles walking through it, all on film. (Below): Blogger/merry maker, Brittany Jepsen of The House That Lars Built has created a printable candle crown you can make yourself if you wish to get into the holiday mood. Click here for the printable.


If you search out the hashtag #lucia on Instagram, you will find many beautiful "real happenings" of this special celebration.  Make sure to scroll through the videos, some of the singing of the song Santa Lucia are so beautiful.


Delicious treats like Saffransbullar (a saffron bun) and pepparkakor (gingersnaps) are part of the celebration. Click here for their recipes.


Glad Lucia!

Jan Halvarson

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