Best of DIY | Fabric-Wrapped Paper Whites

We're reposting this cute idea for a hostess gift that was featured on the blog back in 2014 from our friends Emily and Erick of Heidi's Bridge.  So simple and pretty!  Enjoy! ~J+E

During the holidays, one of our favorite gifts to give are paperwhite bulbs. The bulbs grow into beautifully fragrant flowers in just a few weeks so you can time them to bloom for your holiday celebrations. As gifts, the bulbs are our go-to as inexpensive and thoughtful gifts--who doesn't love flowers in the dead of winter? The only issue we've grappled with before is how to package them. After all, bulbs aren't the prettiest and their onion-like skin easily tears and gets messy when wrapped. We've been admiring fabric wrapped gifts for some time and knew this would be our solution. We love the beautifully simple presentation and how the fabric elevates the gift to make it feel luxe. Read below for the tutorial.

You Will Need:
Paperwhite bulbs
Moss (optional)
Mini terra cotta pots
Square of thick fabric such as linen, burlap, or cotton (make sure swatch is at least 6 inches wide)
Foilage (we used boxwood)

1. Fill your terra cotta pot 3/4 of the way full with soil.
2. Top soil with moss, if desired.
3. Nestle your paperwhite bulb on top of the soil.
4. Place pot in the center of your fabric and gather fabric up over the top of the bulb. Pinch fabric and gently twist to desired shape.
5. Tie with twine to secure but do not knot yet. Snip twine.
6. Carefully tuck foliage into the twine. We pulled some leaves from the base of the stem so it would be easier to tie without the leaves in the way.
7. Finish final bow, gift, & enjoy!
(see images below)

Contributor post by Heidi's Bridge for Poppytalk - originally posted Winter 2014

Jan Halvarson

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