21 Gift Ideas For The Feminist

We're proud to see and support the bigger feminist movement we've been seeing lately. Things are finally turning around and the wave towards stronger equality, and a nod to all that have fought so hard before us is back.  A few gift ideas for the feminist in your life (or for you)!

1. Pot (Light Banana) | Group Partner
2. Boobs Baggu Reusable Bag | Gravel & Gold
3. The Future is Female T-Shirt | Otherwild
4. Feminist With a To-Do List Pin | Gimme Flair
5. (Below) Gravel $ Gold/Group Partner Boob Pot | Gravel & Gold

6. No Turning Back: The History of Feminism and the Future of Women | Amazon
7. Gender Magic Elixir | Otherwild
8. Two-tone Safety Pin Earrings | Otherwild
9. Vanquish Bad Vibes (Fluorite Pyramid) | Otherwild

10. Feminist With A To-Do List | (Word for Word) via Otherwild
11. Feminist Enamel Pin | Total Major
12. Girl Gang T-Shirt | They All Hate Us

13. Feminist Gift Box | Feminist Apparel
14. Feminist Socks | Feminist Apparel
15. Feminist Print | Smuug

 16. Sisters Patch | Otherwild
17. The Future Is Female (Kids) | Otherwild 
18. The Future is Female Print | Otherwild 
19. The Future is Female Key Tags | Otherwild 
20. (Below) Feminist Floral Patch | SKaro Studio

21. Riot Grrrrl (music) circa 1991 - (Heavens to Betsy, Bratmobile, Bikini Kill) | Kill Rock Stars

Feminism is an idea, an attitude, not a gender.

Jan Halvarson

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OMG, this little girl is so cute!!!
And love the t-shirt :) My little one absolutely need one like that!