10 Holiday Decorations to Get Right Now!


Even though it is still the beginning of November, the holidays are really just around the corner! Every year we're always a little slow getting our act together and it's inevitable that we end up missing out on that coveted item that's just going to make our holidays a bit merrier. So this year we're getting a head start and thought we'd share a few of our coveted holiday decorations we're hoping to pick up soon!

1.  Globe Ornaments
These adorable ornaments hold so many sweet holiday scenes it's hard to choose.  From crowned swans to mini trees and cabins.  These from The Cross Decor and Design.

2. Rainbow Fairy Lights
(Above) These are the first things I spotted this year that is a must have! Fairy lights (rainbow-style) and I'm thinking these will be perfect in a big clear jug in the corner by our fireplace. These ones are from Urban Outfitters.

3. Monogram Glitter Ornaments
Customize your tree with these colourful modern plexiglass letters.  Click here for more info.

4. LED Light-Up Word Object
We "love" this light, which works for the holiday season and beyond.  From West Elm.

5.  Glass Bubble Lights
These literally look like bubbles lit up.  From Terrain.

6. The Popsicle Ornament
Goodbye donut, hello popsicle!  Love this ornament from Leif Shop.

 7. Iridescent Garland
Deck the halls with a shimmer effect. Fun iridescent garlands are here! From UO.

8. Irridescent Snowflakes
You thought that garland was cool.  Check out these! From UO.

9.  Collected Ornament Set
Looks like a collection of vintage ornaments.  From Anthropologie.

10.  Lettered Balloons
Customize your merry message with letter balloons! Yay!  From UO.


Jan Halvarson

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