Feeling Green | 10 Plant Ideas from IKEA

Every year around this time I start to crave more plants in my home, a natural progression I suppose as winter draws nearer.  But this year it's not only about the upcoming holidays and the forcing of paperwhites, it's the presence of real houseplants, the tried and true.  Here's a few I came across this week from the folks at Livet Hemma and IKEA.  (Above and two below - ANDVANBAR). Let's take a look!

1. The ANDVANBAR Series
A throwback to the 70s, these hanging macrame plant hangers are updated with wooden balls and succulents.  Love the tray version (above).

2. DIY Macrame
It's also easy to make your own version of macrame hangers.  There are heaps of tutorials on YouTube. 



3. Water Plants
We've been noticing a lot of water plants lately.  With roots exposed, this is a pretty way to get some green. See more here.

4. Cactus
The "it" planet of the moment, is also a very easy plant to take care of. Even add some plant pictures to your walls as another option.

Photography: Dan Duchars
Styling: Louisa Grey

5. Succulents a la Carte
Love this RASKOG cart filled with succulents. Click here for more info.

Interior designer: Amanda Rodriguez Digital designer: Cecilia Englund Copywriter: James Rynd
Photographer: Micke Persson Editor: Linda Harkell
6. Go High
With winter weather near, it's always nice to have some fresh herbs that you grown inside or start those paper whites. Click here for more info.

7.  Experiment With Shape and Size
Create interest with different shapes and sizes. Click here for more info.

Photography: Lina Ikse | Styling: Ashlyn Gibson
8. Grow an Indoor Garden
If you live in the city, or for the cooler months, create a wall of herbs and grown your own food. Click here form ore info.

Carl Braganza, Stylist
9. Vegetables You Can Grow From Scraps
A fun idea even the kids can do. Growing vegetables from scraps (from celery to potatoes). Click here for more info.

Interior designer: Bibi Persson Digital designer: Cecilia Höglund/Ane Bang
Copywriter: James Rynd  Photographer: Mats Ekdahl  Editor: Linda Harkell
10. Repotting from Seedlings
A few helpful hints from Igor of Urban Jungle. Click here for more info.

Photography: Daniel Farmer
Styling: Emily Henson

Jan Halvarson

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