2 Autumn Tablescapes + Taking Better Pictures

This post was created in partnership with GE Lighting. Photography is light - many of us have heard this phrase at some time mentioned while reading about picture taking on the web or if we've taken any photo classes. It's a familiar little motto that actually really proves itself out as we all try to take better pictures. Really, the lighting is easily as important as the staging, and in most cases can make or break a photo.

We've tried out many different light sources in our quest for the perfect image, ranging from external flash units and natural light sources to high end video lighting when we did some pro video shoots at home, and all of them made a huge impact on the final image. So when GE Lighting asked us to try out their new reveal® Bulbs, which offers exceptionally clean, bright light to make colours pop, we had to give them a try.  Ends up, we really liked the natural light they threw and how more details emerged. They got rid of the dingy, yellow cast that comes from so many other light bulbs, and really provided vivid clarity.

Where we first noticed the difference with the lighting was when we changed out the lighting in my office.  It always takes me a bit to get used to new lighting and after my eyes adjusted and when I had totally forgot about the new Reveal bulbs, I turned around and looked into the hall.  I noticed how yellow it looked.  Here's a photo (below) of what I mean. I'm not making any of this stuff up.  Isn't it crazy how our old lighting is so yellow?  I was sort of blown away and had to show you this not so flattering picture.

In the fall and living in Vancouver especially the light is always a bit darker, so even in the day sometimes we have our lights on. And since we are always crafting and cooking here on the blog and taking photos of our creations, light is pretty important. So we took a few photos with the new bulbs (along with some natural light) and created some autumn tablescape ideas.

Tablescape No. 1
We ran into some pretty pumpkins this week and thought they would make great centrepieces for an autumn dinner party, or if you live in the U.S., maybe some inspiration for Thanksgiving. This is a super easy set up but has a lot of impact.  For this first tablescape we mixed some really great pumpkin colours.  A little bit of tangerine, blush and orange, along with a few beautiful fallen leafed branches. We loved the contrast of the oranges with our frayed denim napkins we made with some old jeans a while back.

Tablescape No. 1
Something very feminine about this table. We found some really pretty yellow and grey pumpkins and the mums! So fall, yes? But in a pretty way here. This set up was super simple as we create this faux runner of real mums and pumpkins.  Simple snip the mums to as close to the flower as possible and then lay them in three's.  We also added a few to the pumpkins and plates. 

So easy, right?  And only takes a few minutes to create! We also love how the GE reveal® Bulbs make the colours so vivid.

A little bit about GE reveal® Bulbs:

—Ordinary details become surprising and delightful when we see them in a different light. Light can help us discover something new and intriguing when we see with vivid clarity. GE reveal® allows you to see what you’ve been missing.

—Available in a variety of wattages and energy-efficient bulb types, GE reveal® bulbs provide an optimal quality of light preferred by a vast number of consumers.

— GE reveal® products allow consumers to benefit from exceptionally clean, instantly bright, light in any room of the home.

“A home often serves as a full-service restaurant, crafting haven, movie theater, study hall, reading nook and playground all at once, and all of those activities require the right light,” explains Carmen Pastore at GE Lighting. “When GE reveal bulbs are placed throughout that home, it becomes a clear space where colors pop and previously invisible details emerge. That is why we are inviting all Canadian consumers to see what they have been missing and experience more with GE reveal bulbs.”

Experience pure, clean light with GE’s reveal® Bulbs. Now at Walmart at 30% Off. Consumers can take advantage of limited-time promotional pricing of 30% off GE reveal A19 Energy Efficient Soft White 4-packs October 22nd through December 21st across participating stores. For more information on the promotion and how you can experience more with clean light, you can also find more details on the GE Light site here.

Jan Halvarson

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