10 Spooky Tips for a Successful Halloween Party!

Photo Hipster Mum
Halloween happens this coming Monday and we've got a collection of spooky tips and tricks we (and our team - past and present) have created over the years here on the blog.  Check them out below and have a happy one!

1. Spook 'Em Big!
Spook them big with this extra tall (7-foot) alien using a box over your head and a wig head on top!  Click here for the details.

2. A Halloween Tablescape
Decorate for the occasion. Click here for more details.

3.  Add Some Accessories
A few of these from the dollar store should do the trick. Click here for more info.

4.  Deck the Halls
Bwah-ha-ha! Origami-style! Click here for the story.

Photo Hole in My Pocket

Photo Hole in My Pocket

5.  Homemade Treats
Forget store-bought and make your own treats! These cookies are the best! Click here for the recipe!

Photo Janis Nicolay

6. Don't Forget the Candy Apples
Especially ones that have a cherry coating! Click here for the recipe!

7.  Get Some Balloons
Preferably with black netting!  Click here for more info.

Photo Hipster MumHipster Mum

8. Not Scared Enough?
Get some Scaredy Cat cupcake toppers! Click here for the instructions.

Photo Coco Cake Land

9.  Spooky Creeped Out Popcorn Balls
These should do the trick in the creeped out department! More info here.
Photo Janis Nicolay

10. Carve Your P's! 
Pumpkins and/or pineapples that is! More info here.

Photo Hipster Mum

Photo Janis Nicolay
Happy Halloween!

Jan Halvarson

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