Cherry Candied Crabapples

I ran into the most adorable crabapples this past week which took me back to my childhood and my grandmother's crabapple jelly.  I had to buy them just for their cuteness alone and thought they would probably taste great candied.

This recipe is super-easy; I didn't go the usual route with the sugar and corn syrup, instead I melted some very delicious cherry flavoured hard candies.  So good with the tartness of the apples.  Hat tip to Jenny Cookies who inspired me to place these apples on top of a cake. Such a perfect place for them! Check out the recipe below.

Cherry Candied Crabapples

6 crabapples
20 red cherry hard candies (I used Jolly Ranchers)
6 dried foraged branches (approx. 5 inches long) with the odd leaf
parchment paper
gold sprinkles (optional)

Soak the crabapples in some hot water for 5 minutes to help remove the wax (if waxed) so the melted candies will stick to the apples.  This will also soften up the stem so you can remove it easier.   Remove the stems and dry/rub off the excess wax.

To prepare the branches, using a knife sharpen an end to a point.  Slowly turn the branches into the top of the apples until secure. Set aside but close by once you start melting the candies.

In a saucepan, melt the hard candies over medium heat being careful not to burn them. These melt fast, so keep an eye on it and once it starts to bubble, and all the candies are melted, it is time for apple dipping.  Keeping the candies bubbling, dip each apple (very quickly as it cools quickly), covering almost to the stem and then set on parchment paper to cool. Sprinkle immediately with gold sprinkles if you wish.

Jan Halvarson


Cakes Divine said...

I love this! Great job!

On another note, where did you get the black cake stand?

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Cake Divine - I made it - here is the DIY here - - but repainted it black for this project. :)