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We were reminded yesterday of this awesome DIY Pendant Light Arounna Khounnoraj of Bookhou did for us back in 2010 and thought it was time to repost it for our Best of DIY series. Made with strips of wood veneer, Arounna showed us how to make a cool pendant perfect to place above a dining room table, or even bedside.  —J+E Check it out below.
 Materials Needed:
-strips of wood veneer (you can also get 3/4 in. veneer at the hardware store that is for ironing on the edge of shelves - you can also use strips of paper)
-white glue
-large clips (or clothes pins) - I started with four and found I needed more as I went along
-HEMMA ikea light
-small piece of cardstock

Safety alert * use a low watt bulb and ensure material chosen is not touching or close to the bulb.

Step 1-2
Take the strip of wood veneer and make a circle shape to the desired size you want your lamp to be. place a small amount of glue to the attachment and hold with clip.

Step 3
Proceed the same way as in step one - creating an overlap on the other strip of veneer.
glue the attachment and secure with clip

Step 4-5
Take smaller strips and weave through the lamp continuing in a circular manner. secure any overlaps with glue and clip - also allow the glue to dry - it will make it easier to work with the shape.

Step 6
While the glue is drying take the cardstock and unscrew the ring from the HEMMA pendant light

Step 7

Take the unscrewed component and place on card stock and trace the interior - take the scissors and cut out the circle - place the light through the card stock and screw the circular component back on the light

Step 8
Find a spot on your form for the light and pull through the cord. it's important to place the light in the centre so that the shape hangs leveled.

Step 9
Add glue to the card stock and secure it to the wood structure with clips.

Step 10
Make sure there is a spot big enough for your hand to screw in the light bulb.
before you are done - look at the lamp and decide if you need more strips or if there are areas you need to secure with glue.

once your done - use the instructions in the HEMMA Ikea package on how to hang from your ceiling. Enjoy!

Huge thank you to Arounna . Visit Bookhou online at, facebook, instagram, tumblr, twitter —J+E

Jan Halvarson

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