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This is the best fall weekend project. Making your own incense.  This post originally was shared back in January of 2015, but it's still one of our favorites.  Check it out!

Flower Incense Bundles

You Will Need:
Assorted Dried Flowers: Lavender, Rose Petals, Safflower, Calendula flowers, Chamomile buds
Honey (or water)
Charcoal stick
Bamboo sticks, cut to 4 inches
Wax paper
Dried Lavender Stems
Palo Santo
Kitchen twine

1. Add a 1 tsp of each flower into mortar and pestle and mix together. Grind flowers with mortar and pestle until they are small granules.

2. Using pestle, grind about 3 tsp of charcoal into mortar with ground flowers.
3.Slowly add honey into other ingredients until it forms a putty that can be formed around the bamboo sticks. Add more honey if mixture is too crumbly and more herb powder if too sticky. Note: This will be messy so do this step over a surface that is easy to wipe down.

4. Let the charcoal sticks dry on wax paper a few days until completely dry.

5. Once charcoal incense sticks are dry, it's time to make your incense bundles. Bundle two sticks with a small piece of palo santo and a sprig or two of dried lavender. Tie together with kitchen twine and enjoy!

Contributed by:
Emily Hirsch and Erick Steinberg are blogging duo behind Heidi's Bridge, a lifestyle blog with a focus on DIY projects, recipes, and travel. When they're not blogging or working as 2/4 of the creative agency Jolly Bureau, they moonlight as locally sourced sandwich vendors in Philadelphia, PA.

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