9 Rad Vinyl Record Storage Solutions

Whilst looking for vinyl storage solutions recently (we have a bit of a problem), I came across a few adorable vignettes of ways to store a collection and although they are all too small for ours, they were most definitely worth a mention.  We love the retro look of some of these, and there's even an Ikea hack or two in the set.  Check them out below.

1. Melanie Vinyl Storage,  2. Ikea Hack Stand, 3. Rustic Metal Table, 4. Vinyl Record Storage Shelf, 5. Lily.fi 6. 12X12 Album Frame, 7. svenskamaklarhuset.se, 8. Ikea Hack Stand, 9. Wild Alloy Storage

Jan Halvarson


heathashli said...

Hi, wasn't sure how to let you know, but links to #5 & #8 need fixed, #5 is missing a "t" at the end, & #8 is inside of another link. Feel free to delete this comment. Cheers!

Jan Halvarson said...

Heathashli - Thanks for the heads up!