On the Radar | New Retro Inspired Typewriters

So someone finally did it.  Brought back the typewriter.  It was inevitable yes?  We just happened upon and exclusive to Michael's, We R Memory Keepers® Typecast Typewriters today and are a little smitten.  Comes in pink or black with a vintage/retro look. Also nice that it would be easy to now to get ribbon also. All in a 12x14 inch footprint.

Priced at $199 US.
More info here.

Jan Halvarson


Anonymous said...

I bought a cute green manual typewriter at a garage sale. I wondered about getting ribbons. I regretted not having a manual when I lived in rural Africa, without electricity. It's a pain in the neck to write longhand.

http://www.preciouslyme.com/ said...

Wow, I LOVE IT!!!
I hope they ship to Europe ;)
I have been looking for a pink vintage Royal typewriter for years now but they are always or too expensive or I miss the end of the bids or the shipping cost is just insane...
So if I could get one of these I think I would be the happiest woman in the world!
Thanks for making my day :)