New Industrial Vintage-Style Office Chair at IKEA

Swooning over the new IKEA office chair KULLABERG, inspired by vintage industrial style but with all the modern features.

Designer Sarah Fager says, "When I started sketching the KULLABERG chair I had recently visited a flea market in Paris with beautiful worn vintage furniture. The challenge was to make a rustic chair inspired by the industrial style but with the same features as a modern chair. The result is a simple,  honest and timeless chair that is really comfortable to sit on . " Can't wait to try it out!  

Same goes for the KLIMPEN drawer unit matched with the LINNMON + LERBERG table and trestle.

Jan Halvarson


dandydandeIion said...

Hi, where is that gold fan from? I'm not sure if you purchased it or if it was a diy. I cannot seem to find a search bar for your site .

Ivana said...

Hi! Just this morning i bought this chair! It s amazing