Marshmallow Ice Cream Cone Cake

I came across a bag of marshmallow ice cream cones at our local grocers recently and instantly had to grab a bag (initially for old time sake), and then the thought came to try them on top of a cake. A super-easy way to add some "fun" to an other-wise regular cake.

We made this one yesterday for dinner guests, and for those of you interested, it's a 5 layer, pink vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and a chocolate ganache on top.  I'm still feeling the chocolate sugar rush as I write this, but totally worth it.

A few more pics and recipe after the jump!

Marshmallow Ice Cream Cone Cakes

For the cake
1 white cake mix + cake mix ingredients (eggs, oil, water)
food colouring (optional)

Make the white cake mix by following the boxes directions or feel free to make your own from scratch! Separate equal parts into 5 - 6 different bowls. Each worked out to just less than a cup in each.  Add more colouring to each bowl as you go. To get the ombre like we did, we used the following:

I used the Wilton Easy Layers cake pan set which has five pans.

Layer 1 - 1 drop of pink
Layer 2 - 2 drops of pink
Layer 3 - 3 drops of pink
Layer 4 - 4 drops of pink
Layer 5 - 5 drops of pink

Since we were baking smaller and thinner cakes we only baked them for about 10-12 minutes at 350F degrees.   

For the Chocolate Buttercream Frosting
2 sticks butter
1/4 cup milk
2 cups of icing sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powder
2 oz. melted semi-sweet chocolate

Beat butter on high speed until it is very pale in colour. Sift the icing sugar and cocoa powder into a separate bowl. Slowly add the icing suga/cocoa powder mix, to the butter until mixed. Then add the milk and last the melted chocolate.  Beat until light and fluffy.

Start to build the cake by spreading icing between each layer and then ice the cake to make a crumb coat. Refridgerate for about an hour.  Then ice on the top coat.

For the Ganache
1 cup of heavy cream
8 oz. Belgium chocolate chips

Heat the cream on the stove top until you see the cream coming to a simmer.  Remove off burner.  Add the chocolate and cover with a lid.  Wait five minutes.  Then with a whisk, start whisking from the center until well mixed.  It will turn into a velvety ganache. Leave for ten minutes before using. Note: The longer you leave the ganache sit, the thicker it will get, so time is of the essence.  If you want a thinner ganache topping, pour over almost instantly.  If you want it thicker like ours, wait a few minutes. Also if you stir it too much, it will loose it's sheen.  Pour over the cake, ever so gently, and then slowly push ganache over edges till it starts to drip down the sides.

1 bag marshmallow ice cream cones

Top with the marshmallow ice cream cones and that's it!

Jan Halvarson


Susan said...

So much fun! What size cake pans did you use?

Jan Halvarson said...

Hi Susan,

I used the Wilton Easy Layers cake pan set which has five pans. said...

drooling over it!