KNOTTEN | New Ikea Standing Desk

This weekend we dropped into Ikea to pick up a few things and since we had a bit of extra time, we took a little look around.  We wanted to see if a coffee table we are are hoping for from the new SVARTAN collection (due Sept. '16) had arrived yet.  On our way through the showroom though we came across this new standing desk worth mentioning.  The KNOTTEN is a modern version of the traditional writing desk, but standing style, complete with space for your laptop, chargers, calendars, mail and keys.

“With KNOTTEN standing desk, we wanted to combine an old-fashioned writing desk with the modern functions that people need today. Letting wood, a natural material, interact with the digital world gives an exciting contrast. We see KNOTTEN standing desk becoming the information hub of the home, with space for your laptop, chargers, calendars, mail and keys. Use it to quickly send an e-mail, surf or work – and create a beautiful, practical space wherever you want in your home.”
Designers Knut Hagberg and Marianne Hagberg

We also like that the back is also finished so that it can be placed anywhere without having to worry about unfinished sides.

The KNOTTEN is an attractive standing desk option if you're in the market.  More info HERE.

Jan Halvarson

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Anonymous said...

I wish they had a sit/stand desk that was a little smaller than the Bekant.