20 Cool Decorating Tips + Tricks from the 2017 Ikea Catalog

 The 2017 Ikea catalog dropped online today and as tradition has it, we're posting some cool decorating tricks we spotted inside. If you want to see some of the new things coming to Ikea this year, you can click to our sneak peek post we did last week here as well, a few more here.

Let's take a look!

1. Floating Branches
So let's start with this jar idea.  Something so simple, yet so pretty! Float some fern leaves or vines in water in a clear vessel.

 2. Embrace Imperfection
This stylized photo is a great example of embracing imperfection.  The pipes could totally be a problem, but painted the same colour of the walls, they become part of the space, and "S" hooks are added to even make them functional.

 3. Skip the Window Treatments
It's an old trick with a twist. Skip the curtains and fill a window up with a heap of plants jungle-style.They're also supposed to purify the air and minimize stress.

4. Small Space Life
You need to get creative living in a small space dwelling, and this 24-hour life of a sofa bed is pretty ace! Check out how the desk in the first pic becomes the dining table in the second and then the third the space becomes the bedroom.

5. Build a Window Nook
Make a cozy spot to sit and read a book at using a couple of shelving units and a bench or two chairs facing each other. The shelf on top brings it all together and makes it look built-in.

6. Make a Cozy Nook
No dining room? No problem.  Make a cozy nook using storage shelving to separate things a bit (maybe even wallpaper a portion of a wall). Add a small table and hanging pendant and you're set!

7. Build a Coffee Table
No coffee table or table for that matter? Build one using crates you have just hanging around and then add a table top or door. The bottom becomes storage.

8. Shhhhh! Hide it!
No dishwasher? No problem.  No need to hide those dirty dishes in the oven when company comes; just grab a board that covers the dishes in the sink!

9. Make Light
Never thought of this hack in the kitchen, but not a bad idea if you need some lighting over your sink and you don't want to call an electrician to hard wire (and you safely secure it)! See how it's made here.

10. What You See/What You Eat
It's so true. We've wasted so much food this way. So maybe by storing food in transparent containers, or putting in open shelving, rather in deep covers, we might be inspired to cook with what we have, rather than buying more.

11.  Recycling Storage
Storing recycling until recycling day is a big issue.  Our "blue box" and "paper recycling bag" are always hanging around and have never really found a good home.  Love this idea of putting it all away in a drawer until recycling day.

12. Inside Gardening
Check out those plants growing in the background. All set to grow up like a bean stock onto a clothes rack.

13. Coat Hooks for Fashion Accessories
A clever solution for your fashion accessories. A coat hook rack above a chest of drawers.

14.  Closet on a Budget
Check out this creative way of building a dream closet on a bare wall.  Two clothes racks, and a couple of wall shelving units, and a curtain in front to make the space feel clean and calm when closed.

15.  Faux Closet
Another clever way to create a closet is by adding a shelf at the top, and then attaching a curtain rod underneath.  Baskets added above maximize space too.

16.  A Nursery Wall
Small space living sometimes means only one bedroom when you have your first or even second child.  We love this idea of creating a nursery wall.  Complete with stoarge space for parents.

17.  Mini Cacti
Mini cacti solves everything.

18. All is Calm
Muted monotone colours keep things calm for a good night sleep for little ones.

19.  DIY Bath Accessories
Elevate your towels or stool with a colourful DIY add-on.

20. Bathroom Jungle
If you have a good window in your bathroom, plants thrive in all of that humidity and look good too!

To see some of the new things coming to Ikea this year, you can click to our sneak peek post we did last week here as well, a few more here.

Jan Halvarson

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