10 Beautiful DIYs Using Flowers

Are flowers not having their day right now?  It seems these past few years, flowers have really been a big part of our consciousness.  From decorating bike wheels to decoupage, here's 10 beautiful DIYs using flowers!

1. Decorate Your Ride
Go for a romantic bike ride with your bike all decked out in flowers.  Click here for the link. (Photo - Ideas Magazine)

2. Flower Incense Bundle
Make a pretty smelling incense bundle out of dried flowers.  Click here for the instructions.

3. Rose Hibiscus Rose Body Butter
A fun weekend project to make for yourself or a friend! Click here for the link.

4. DIY Jasmine Kokedama
Make a lush trailing kokedama for your balcony! Click here for the link.

5. Bulb Jars
A fun project for planting winter or spring bulbs! (Bookmark this one for fall)! Click here for the link!

6. DIY Bouquet Wrap
Always fun to give flowers, and even funner with some pretty wrap! Click here for the how-to!

7. Make a Floral Crown
Bring that Snapchat Coachella filter to the real world, with this floral crown DIY. Click here for the instructions.

8. A String Garden
Wrap up a collection of potted flowers for a pretty string outdoor garden.  Click here for more info.

9. A Floral Garland
Make a pretty garland (spring, summer or fall).  Click here for instructions!

10. Floral Decoupage
Use this free printable to decoupage anything! From an old juice bottle to a dresser!  Click here for the link!

Jan Halvarson


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Flower and DIY power !

Jan Halvarson said...

Blanch cbn! Haha! Good title!