4 Pretty DIYs from Ideas Magazine

We love South Africa's Idea Magazine and this month they have an adorable section on mending and also upgrading lampshades. From patching a quilt or adding embellishmnet to a plain lampshade, these ideas give inspiration to upcycling or upgrading something into a gorgeous new piece.  The mending projects are by Kevin Swarts, Anneke Du Toit, Terena Le Roux and Bridget Henderson from Cowgirl Blues.  Styling by Carin Smith and photos by Ed O'Riley. And the lampshade projects by Cornel Strydom and Elsbeth Eksteen. Styling by Carin Smith, photos Ed O'Riley. The digital June issue is available online through zinio.com. Let's take a look!

1.  (Above) Macrame Backrest
Fix a broken chair back using a macrame technique.

2.  (Below) Mending a Quilt
Fix tears in an old quilt or duvet cover using pretty remnants like denim and floral fabric and stitch using various styles like long or short, crosses, etc. using embroidery thread.

3. Vintage Lights
We like this idea of recycling mismatched or stained vintage tablecloths with scalloped edges and placing them over mini lampshades hung on pendant cords.

4.  Crochet and Netting Lampshade
Crocheted flowers scattered amongst netting or tule fabric.

Get all the instructions to these and more projects in the June issue (available online through zinio.com).

Jan Halvarson


Sister Sweetly said...

The vintage lights are just too darling! I need them hanging over my sink! Thanks!

ynas-design said...

Since I read IDEAS Magazine in South Africa, I sometimes read it here in Germany. On Zinio. So inspiring.