3 Summer-Inspired DIYs from Stylists at IKEA

Now that summer is approaching, it's a perfect time to refresh your bedroom with a few summery-inspired DIYs. We always love checking out what IKEA's stylists are up to and found three projects perfect for the season.

1. DIY Shibori Bedspread (above)
Shibori is still going strong this season and we love seeing it on a more textured fabric like this ALINA bedspread. To achieve this look, the stylist weighted together the bedspread like a spiral into a large square. On the top and on the side she put big 40 x 40 wooden plates and kept in place using large clamps. She then colored the bedspread dipping it in fabric paint . Concept by Helena Nord, Mormorsglamour för IKEA Livet Hemma


2. DIY Dresser (below)

We love this summery light blue color they painted this 3-drawer chest (TARVA) and added handles in natural leather.  Here's how they made it:

Paint the first layer with two coats of semi-gloss paint. Paint thin so one senses the fine wood grain , it gives a natural feel . In the pre-drilled holes in the drawers they assembled dainty leather handles using leather straps, a punch pliers and screw rivets (all found in handicraft and crafts shops). Measure out a suitable length, cut, hole and attach! Concept by Anna Lenskog Belfrage, Livet Hemma redaktionen.

3. Pom Pom Bedspread

We're loving the nautical feel these pom poms add to this striped bedspread (SOMMAR). We also love the eucalyptus vine they made and added to the bedframe (GJORA).  To make a pom pom. Cut out two round shapes in rigid paper or cardboard. Cut out a small hole in the middle of them. The larger the hole, the shorter the "fringe" of the balls. Wrap the yarn evenly around the molds and into the hole. Use a hook for convenience. When the hole is filled, it is time to cut the yarn along the outer edge of the molds. Let the molds remain until you attached a wire around the severed yarn.Via Livet Hemma.

Jan Halvarson

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