The Work of Khin Sansoni

This week Charmaine from the Bloesem team is doing a guest post here on Poppytalk.  You may have seen our post last week where we shared about Bloesem's latest passion project, KOEL Magazine, which is all about yarn crafting and interior decor.  This week they are sharing a few related blog posts.

Hey you guys, it's Charmaine from Bloesem back here at Poppytalk. Right now we are totally crushing on the work of one of our favourite artists at the moment and we think you might too.. Thought we would share with you guys about Khin Sansoni today!

Originally from Myanmar, Khin Sansoni came from a family of filmmakers, actors, seamstresses so she was constantly surrounded by some sort of art form as a child. That grew and inspired some small creative projects of her own from a young age of 9 (!) before she eventually embarked on her business of creating beautiful handcrafted abstract mixed media pieces and even jewellery for her creative studio. She's currently in the process of moving to London, and we know her studio's sure to take off as well. The Bloesem team had the honour of working with Khin with regards to the branding, styling and photography for the new website, logo and lookbook.

Here are some of the photos we took. What do you guys think? These art pieces are gorgeous, aren't they? And the colours!

We hope you guys enjoyed this post, along with our other guest posts here. Thanks for having us, Jan and Earl! It's been such a pleasure. Till next time everyone!

Jan Halvarson

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