DIY Mother's Day Decoupage Vases

Making gifts for Mother's Day is not only a tradition for most kids, it's the most cherished gift to receive as a Mom. When we were thinking of crafts to do this year for this special day, decoupage came to the top of the list. We also wanted to do something with flowers, because nothing says Mother's Day more than a bouquet of flowers.  Decoupage has to be one of our favourite crafts.  It's an easy, and usually quick project with rather satisfying results.  Other than the tricky part to make sure to get all the bubbles out, it's the perfect gift idea to make for Mom!

For this project we found a really fun apple juice jug in our cupboards that we had saved, and we also bought some tall clear decanter bottles (below) from the dollar store (all under $3 each).  Along with our free printable decoupage prints, this is a really budget-friendly gift idea.

Visit Martha Stewart's site to get instructions on how to make this craft along with the free downloadable flower printables to use for decoupage.  Click here to visit!

Jan Halvarson

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