DIY Lightbox Headboard

Our next project e-lesson that we filmed last fall for Be Makeful is this DIY Lightbox Headboard. A spin off the regular lightbox, and which makes for a fun weekend project!  Earl did a really nice job translating the traditional lightbox into a headboard and it's super-easy to make!  We picked up most of the supplies at our local hardware store and even made our own letters!  You can learn how to make one yourself at our new e-lessons at Be Makeful.  Check it out below or click HERE for a link to the e-lesson preview!

Click HERE for a link to the e-lesson preview!

Jan Halvarson


//Terhi said...

Wau. I am totally going to check this out. Your blog is one of favourites of all times.

Jan Halvarson said...

Thanks Terhi!