Yeah + Do Your Best Pennant Cake

This cake is one of those, why not cakes.  No real party to celebrate, but maybe a cake just to say "Yeah! or perhaps a little pep talk cake like "Do Your Best".  This idea I had uses a 9"x12" rectangular cake pan to make the pennant shape.  Pretty straight forward, but we took a few photos to show because it actually makes 2 pennant cakes (bonus)!  I skimmed off the top to make the cake straight and level, then used the skimmed part (which was about two inches thick at it's highest) for the tails on the pennants. Make it just for fun or for a team party or turn it pointing up and it could even be a rocket ship cake! We used a cake mix, but a chocolate version like this dead simple chocolate cake would be perfect. Check out the "Do Your Best" version at the bottom of this post!

See below.

Jan Halvarson


Joanne Amarisa said...

What a fantastic idea! The outcome looks really awesome! :)

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Unknown said...

What a fantastic idea, I will certainly try this out. Thanks for the fantastic idea.

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Unknown said...

Such a great idea

Coco Cake Land said...

I love a good WHY NOT cake!!! This one is so cute and awesome - love how it's styled with all that fun crinkly confetti! XO