Sneak Peek | Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure Season 3!

Being huge fans of Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure, Earl had a chance to sit down with them earlier this week when they were in Vancouver for a nice lunch and chat about their upcoming new season starting this Sunday.

This season they're renovating a new cabin, but this time it will be a rental cottage.  And when we saw the before and after of the exterior, we had to share this sneak peek. Such a transformation!  We love all the windows, which totally opens things up inside, bringing more of the outdoors in and the add-on deck makes the cabin seem double the size. The landscaping down to the lake and the large dock has us really longing for summer.  Check it out!

Colin & Justin's Cabin Pressure starts this Sunday, March 20th—6pm on Cottage Life (now if free preview).  Click here for more info.

Jan Halvarson

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Love those windows!!!