Free Printables | Camellia + Gingham Wrapping Paper

The camellias are so beautiful right now and our tree is literally dripping with blossoms. Every year it's always sad to see them go, and so I thought I would photograph a few for a keepsake. We thought too they would make beautiful wrapping paper for spring. So we created a new set of papers for you to download. Camelias and a complimentary pink gingham paper I designed to go with it. Bookmark for a nice Mother's Day wrap. Both files are letter size, so if you need more for larger gifts, print as many as you like, just trim the edges and tape the pages together, then wrap.  Also note, these are for personal use only. Jump below for the free downloadable printable pdf files.

Click here to print out the Camelias wrapping paper printable PDF.

Click here to print out the gingham wrapping paper printable PDF.

Jan Halvarson

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Thanks for the printables!
Lovely flower