1 Hour DIY | Gemstone Guest Soaps

We're getting ready for some house guests this Easter and have been having a hard time finding some nice guest soaps.  So I thought it would be fun to make a set with some spring colours.  These little gem guest soaps are so easy to make, I don't know why we don't always make our own soap.  Under an hour you'll have a nice set of soaps for your guests or give away as gifts.  Check out the how-to below.

You Will Need:
3 squares opaque glycerin soap base
Various sparkles
Soap Colouring
Essential Oil Fragrance

How to Make:
In the gem molds, sprinkle in some sparkles (if you want a sparkled top - this is optional only). Also sprinkle in one drop of a colour you would like the soap to be.

Cut up the soap base into 1" cubes. Place in a microwave proof bowl and melt for 30 seconds.  If not completely melted aft 30 seconds, keep microwaving in 10 second intervals.  Stir to dissolve any leftover lumps. Add one drop of your favorite essential oil.

Pour the melted soap into the gem molds and stir using a toothpick. If you'd like a marbled affect, don't stir too much.  If you want a more solid colour then stir more.

Set aside and let cool.  Approx. 30 minutes.  Once completely cooled, pop out of the molds, by pushing them out and voila, guest soaps!  Check out the how-to images below.

Jan Halvarson



Love it :) Great idea

Alexa Rabago said...

I am obsessed with this DIY! They look so pretty!

Alexa | www.thehalfbakedblog.com

denisf said...

Where oh where are those gorgeous molds from? Want to do a crafternoon with my team.