IKEA Hack | Cushions Turn Ottoman

This budget friendly project is super easy and takes only an hour to make. I've had this project in the back of my mind for a while now and when I was at IKEA over the weekend I found some cushion covers that I thought would be perfect for it.  I love denim for home decor but of course any square cushion cover would work. What gives it it's nice pouf is the feather pillow insert.  This is a fun project and would be great for a dorm, a rec room, kids bedroom or take it outside!  Here's how it's made.

What You Need:
6 Cushion Inserts (we used the FJADRAR feather inserts 50x50 cm (20x20")
Sewing Machine (but also could be hand sewn as well)

How to make:

Unzip all cushion covers. Pin one side of one cushion cover to another.  Because our cushion covers had a white seam that we liked and wanted to be on the outside of our final ottoman, we pinned so that we would sew so that the seam was on the outside. But you could also sew so the seam is in the inside if you prefer. Using a sewing machine, sew along the outside of the sewn seam and sew the two covers together. Continue with the other covers, pinning sides and sewing sides until you have a complete square. Make sure when sewing the sides together that you don't sew shut the zippered sides.  Sew on the inside of all the zippered sides so that you'll be able to stuff pillows into all sides (see images below). Tip: Make sure to secure ends with sewing machine by sewing and reverse a few stitches before going forward. Add last cover to the bottom sewing all sides (with open zippers). Note: Corners will not be able to be sewn inside the zippers. Finish off sewing corners by hand to close. Insert cushions. 


sew along the outside

These two cushions zipper sides are now sewn together.

This is what the cushions will look like with four sides finished.

Jan Halvarson


Unknown said...

You're so creative!!! It doesn't look like it's made of different cushions

//Terhi said...

Wau. I have these cushions, lovely DIY idea.

AZ Barbara said...

What goes inside the "box" to prevent it from collapsing when someone puts their feet on it or sits on it?

Alice Lesage said...

Looks great but doesn't it tear if you sit on it ? Or do you put something solid inside like a box ?

Jan Halvarson said...

@AZ Barbara - it holds really well as the pillows are very sturdy - but is not intended as a stool - it is a footstool/ottoman.

@Alice Lesage - it hasn't teared - it's not intended for sitting though - just for your feet. I suppose you could double stitch it if you wished to sit on it.