Handmade Bags for Everyday Adventures

Now here are some handbags we can get behind!  Loving this new collection "Handmade Bags for Everyday Adventures" by Bananasaurus Rex.  Adaptable, strong and utilitarian-cool, designer Rebecca Toms Hanley has created a really nice collection perfect for everyday adventures out and about.  We love a "hands-free" bag, one that allows you to do other things with your arms like grab kids' hands, hop on a bike or carry groceries!  Choose from a tote/backpack (almost mini-dufflebag) style or the adjustable EQUAL tote which allows you to switch it up from folding over with clasp or leaving it longer for carrying more.  Awesome collection.  She also has other styles all made of cotton duck fabric and super-affordable.  Click below OR here to see more!


Handmade Bags for Everyday Adventures" by Bananasaurus Rex

Jan Halvarson