DIY Rock Planter IKEA Hack

Always game for a way to improve on the plastic pots that come with plants (remember our copper spray painted ones)? This go, it's some pebble and glue gun action and a small half hour and you have yourself a pretty nice planter!  Check out the how-to below:

You Will Need:

Plant Pebbles (ours are from IKEA - KULORT)
Glue gun
plastic planter with plant

How to:
Fairly simple.  Remove plant from planter.  Wash planter and dry completely.  Starting at the base, spread on some hot glue using the glue gun and sprinkle on the pebbles going around the entire pot until finished! 

Jan Halvarson


~tash said...

I love this idea! I live abroad and I really don't want to invest in heavy, ceramic plant pots. This is an easy, cute alternative.

Unknown said...

Amazing idea! Thanks for sharing

Nick Smith said...

Great idea. I love this. I will try to make one. Thank for share this post