Sneak Peek! 25 New Things at IKEA this February

This February IKEA is launching a range of new products and today we have a sneak peek! There's a particular focus on textiles and product for cooking and eating.  There's also a new series of everyday long-lasting pieces (things that never go out of style) and a romantic-styled series of kitchen textiles.  Let's take a look!

(Above and directly below). Perhaps our favorite is the SATSUMAS plant stand series. Made from bamboo and powder coated metal, the series offers pieces to host indoor greens using a plant stand with two shelves, a tripod plant stand or a planting ladder with five pots.

The VARDAGEN SERIES contains new knives, tablecloths, napkins, kitchen textiles, glass jars and carafes. Made with simple materials such as clear glass, metal and linen, the aim was to create long-lasting pieces that never go out of style. We love the tea towels below.

The designers for the VARDAGEN knives, Pia Amsell and Barbro Berlin, were inspired by traditional kitchen knives.“We designed VARDAGEN knives inspired by sturdy old fashioned knives with a robust and timeless feel."

For the younger set, IKEA has designed the SMÃ…BIT KNIFE & PEELER. For kids eight years and older, the knife and peeler have solid grips, so that kids can learn to cut and peel properly and safely.

Just in time for "Galentines", we love the INBJUDANDE collection of paper napkins, tea towels, tray, placemats and tablecloth. A series of romantic and playful patterns perfect for a tea party.

The STOCKSUND sofa has a few new covers in a striking blue or grey we're liking.  Love the arms on these.

For the kitchen itself, there's a new kitchen mixer faucet called VIMMERN which can switch between a concentrated stream of water to a shower spray by the push of a button. And the RIMFORSA kitchen island designed by Ehlen Johanson functions with moveable shelves (both a full one and grid shelf where pots and pans can be air-dried). There are also drawers for cutlery and side hooks for utensils and towels.

Lots of new textiles for the bedroom too including this HOSTOGA duvet set that's easy to coordinate with other pieces.

The GJORA bed is designed with Scandinavian simplicity in mind and the solid birch construction has an unexpected double function —the high part of the bed can be used as a clothes rail.  And alternatively, when the lower part of the bed is used as a headboard, the high party could be used as a room divider.

The KARMSUND MIRRORS are free standing and come in a range of different sizes. The ornamental top can be removed to make for a completely different look.

The HARTE LED work lamp can be plugged in or move it wherever you and your laptop go as it also can use a USB for power.

The IKORNNES mirror offers many functions, a rail for airing out clothes, or like the smaller one, can be placed either on a dresser or hung on the wall with an adjustable arch which can be used as a shelf or for hanging scarves or ties on.

Stay tuned for our post on IKEA's new summer collection (yes summer) coming soon!

Jan Halvarson



Interesting :)

Kristina said...

It looks like the STOCKSUND sofa in blue is only available in the US market, not in European. To bad. I like it in blue.

Unknown said...

No IKEA in Argentina :( Love those plants stands

Anonymous said...

I love it all, especially that RIMFORSA kitchen island. However, my search doesn't seem to pull it up. A search for RIMFORSA only shows the accessories. Am I missing something? I think I seriously need that in our reno!

Jan Halvarson said...

Sarah - It's not available until February - so keep checking! :)

Jan Halvarson said...

Oh too bad - unless it will be coming still.

Anonymous said...

Obviously in my haste to immediately acquire this lovely object I lost all sense of time & space. Thank you for bringing me back to reality!

Jan Halvarson said...

Sarah - so glad I'm not the only one who does that!