10 Trends on Our Radar for 2016 (Part 2)

Odds and Ends Handmade

6. Faux Foliage
Continuing on Part 2 of our post "10 Trends on Our Radar for 2016", (and if you're just joining us now you can see Part 1 here), we begin with faux foliage, a big trend we're seeing continue really strong this year. From knitted cacti and succulents from artists such as Andrea Daniel of Odds and Ends Handmade (above) to paper flowers by artists such as Tiffanie Turner, Kelsey Elam (Kelsbe), Kate Alarcon (Cobra Lily) and cute paper cacti art by Tara Galuska.

Tiffanie Turner


Cobra Lily
Tara Galuska

7. Pretty in Pink
We don't usually hop onto Pantone's Colours of the Year, in fact we tend to shy away from those types of blog posts; but pink is definitely here to stay.  Some loathe this colour, others over do it; but in it's right place it can become the perfect backdrop.  We love it on buildings, and especially to take photo's of ice cream cones!  A few great pinks to love below.

Acne Studios - Paris via Real Living

Vancouver - instagram.com/poppytalk
EntrecôteRestaurant in Melbourne| Photo by Brooke Holm via Vogue

Vancouver - instagram.com/poppytalk
Wallpaper by Black Crowe Studios | LA Exchange - IDSwest - Sept '15 - Photo - instagram.com/poppytalk
9. Coloured Marble + Terrazzo
House and Home Magazine reported darker marble as a trend this year, and rumour has it, according to Real Living Magazine, we will love coloured marbles more than Carrara and Calacatta.  We love our new marble tray we picked up for our new upcoming column "Ice Cream Bar".  What's your favourite marble colour? More samples below.

Martha Sturdy Dual Pour White Marble Charcoal - Provide Home
Terrazzo flooring at Bar Luce - Wes Anderson - Milan - Photo by Andrea @anddicted
10.  Aussie Desserts + Other Savoury Treats
If you've been following any foodie instagrammers out of Australia this past year, you'll know the desserts especially are super-inspiring.  From towering epic cakes from the likes of Katherine Sabbath and Andy Bowdy to extreme milkshakes from Patissez, and our latest love, Cotton Candy or as they call it Fairy Floss from Fluffë!  Also worthy of a mention, savoury desserts as mentioned in magazines like House and Home and House and Leisure like Bloody Mary Popsicles to beetroot and lemon cupcakes!

Unicorn Poop Macaron by Fluffe

FreakShake™from Patissez - photo Patissez

Ice Cream Tower Cake by Katherine Sabbath
Epic cake by Andy Bowdy - photo by Katherine Sabbath

So there you have it! Ten trends on our radar for the new year!  What are you loving?

Jan Halvarson


Chantel said...

Great photos.

Golly Miss Holly said...

Those cakes though, jeez ... They look incredible!! x

Holly ∣ Closingwinter

La Laitière said...

Just a detail : "Entrecoute Restaurant in Melbourne" it's "entrecôte", because "entrecoute" means nothing :) It's the french word for the part between the ribs in an animal.

Damp Earth Arts said...

Love this post! Especially the pink and the aussie deserts!!

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