10 Trends on Our Radar for 2016 (Part 1)

Welcome back we say! As you've probably noticed we took last week off to prepare a week ahead of blog posts (rather than working during the holidays)—which is the way it should be, yes?  We hope you all had a nice holiday and are looking forward to the year ahead! I know we are, and one of our goals this year is a new blog design!  Yes we are well overdue, and like the old saying; "the shoemaker's children always go barefoot", such is the case with our blog.  So this year and hopefully sooner than later (shooting for it this month), a new blog design is the priority!  We have over 9000 posts to migrate, and with that probably 90k images; so it's not a small task, but Earl is working hard to get us off of Blogger and finally onto to Wordpress.  Can't wait to show you!  In the meantime, on with the show!

With the new year now in full swing it's always fun to look forward and assess what's exciting us in the world of design.  2016 has some fun trends happening we think, and with our eyes on everything from print to instagram; searching all corners of our favourite design hubs from Canada to Australia, Europe to South Africa, we've come up with ten of our favourite trends for 2016. Featuring wall art to food on the table, here's what's on our radar for 2016!

1. Art for Your Walls | Photography
Move over paintings, photography is hot!  If there is anything that's really standing out this year for us, it's photography.  Large photographic prints.  Urban scenes, beaches, swimmers and portraits —and the one thing they all have in common? People! Every photo we are loving has people in them! Whether it's a 70s vibe setting you're dwelling in or something a little more traditional, we think you'll love this look as much as us! We are big fans of Barbara Probst, (both images below from January's House and Home Magazine). Out of Australia, we see a more coastal vibe from Adam Harriden (Slider and Back to Nature prints) or a more satorial edge for your space in the sense of fashion photography from Real Living Magazine. Also of note, another popular photo we love is "Praia Piquinia " by Christian Chaize. Let's take a look!

Jan'16 House and Home - Barbara Probst diptych from the home of Debra and Barry Campbell. Photo by Angus Fergusson

Jan'16 House and Home - Barbara Probst triptych from the home of Debra and Barry Campbell. Photo by Angus Fergusson

Adam Harriden (Slider and Back to Nature prints) from Real Living Magazine
Real Living Magazine

Christian Chaize

2. Art for Your Walls | Banner Flags
Although this trend has been around for a while, we're seeing bigger versions! We're seeing some real cool larger banners and pennants coming from Pony Rider (out of Australia) that we're loving.  Their Outpost Wallbanner is one of our favorites which is reminiscent of another era, but they also have some smaller versions also worthy to mention here (particularly the "Little Chief" and "X Flags).

Pony Rider

Pony Rider

Pony Rider

Also of note, we noticed a flag from UK's Pedlar's instagram (below) that we are swooning over — "Last Night Was So Much Fun". Is that not the best?
Pedlars Vintage

3. Black, Brass + Light Raw Wood
Perhaps our favorite colour combo this year is black and brass and a touch of light raw woods. We mentioned this late last year on this post here. This is such an easy look to create using accessories like a pillow, a lamp or an occasional table. Black (a little white), brass lighting/tables and raw natural woods. Super-nice and easy!

1. Palette Swatch Pillow (Leif Shop), 2. RODD Brass Lamp (IKEA), 3. SKOGSTA Bench (IKEA)

A gorgeous apartment in Manhattan. Interiors by Nate Berkus and partner Jeremiah Brent. Photos by Britt Ambridge for Domino. Via Dust Jacket.

Black and Brass. Interiors by Nate Berkus and partner Jeremiah Brent. Photos by Britt Ambridge for Domino
Raw Wood - NORNAS (IKEA)

4. Giant Tropicals and Succulents
The monstera and philadendrons are still really popular, but also we're seeing larger tropicals like banana leaves as seen in the home patio of Sfgirlbybay's Victoria Smith (below), and from Australia's Inside Out Magazine. Bottom photo from bulthaup from South Africa's House and Leisure January issue.

@insideoutmag Sept. issue. This project is by Suzanne Gorman of @studiogorman - styling by @rebeccajansma and Suzanne Gorman. 📷 @jasonbuschphotographer

5. 70s Vibe
Versions of this trend have been around for years but this year the 70s is everywhere —have you noticed? From music, to clothes and home.  The 70s way of life is here to stay for a little while anyway, as noted in January's House and Home featuring our favorite version, an elegant Italian-style (a moody more sexy look with sleek high-sheen pieces) to a South Africa's House and Leisure example, more Bohemian/mid-century look. Think Justina Blakeney's Jungalow. Both however less psychedelic than we've been seeing previously, with a more updated natural neutral settings. See both examples below.

House and Home - January 2016
House and Leisure - Jan/Fab 2016 - photo production by Leana Schoeman | photo by Judd Van Rensburg
House and Leisure - Jan/Fab 2016 - photo production by Leana Schoeman | photo by Judd Van Rensburg

6. Hand Crafted Furniture
There's nothing nicer than a piece of hand crafted furniture and there's some really awesome ones coming out of Australia and Scandinavia. From Australia, Koskela is making beanbags from denim and vintage kilim fabric.  The result is casual yet modern. They also carry the Quadrantsoft lounges which you can mix up the different fabrics to create a customized look.

Koskela - Vintage Kilim Bean Bag Chairs

Koskela - Vintage Kilim Bean Bag Chairs

Koskela - Quadrantsoft Lounges

We also stumbled upon SACKit, a Danish design company who makes these high-end bean-bag style chairs and ottomans.

Stay tuned for Part 2 coming up next!

Jan Halvarson

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