The Delightful World of Zilverblauw

We came across the delightful world of Dutch blogger, Anki Wines of Zilerblauw on Instagram recently and instantly fell in love! We especially like her holiday tree topper project, perfect for a holiday style vignette!  It's a glass dome filled with various colours and sizes of holiday tree ornaments.  A weekend project idea for sure!  And then as we went on, more delightful vignettes —with lots of pink!  She even has a new book out called "Shoot", where she shares all her photography secrets that make her images sparkle!  And don't miss her free Christmas printable (see bottom image), a colourful merry and bright poster that you can print off yourself, or order a larger one if so fancy.  Click here to visit her blog for more!

Free Christmas Poster Printable

Jan Halvarson

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