Holiday Style | The Constant Gatherer

If you go back into our archives and search out The Constant Gatherer or Katie Runnels, you'll find our appreciation for this SCAD alumna goes way back.  Her work always strikes a chord, perhaps because of her use of vintage finds or images and how she turns them into worlds of their own in current day.  Like a dream time capsule. So when we happened upon one of her newest dioramas of a winter scene on her Instagram feed, of course we had to share!  There's always something magical happening in her work, and love where her mind goes with these new scenes.  Swan-drawn sleighs? peachy, pink trees?  I want to jump into that tank!  Also check out her new tree ornaments (bottom pic after the jump). So fun!

Available through or call 912-525-5180.

Jan Halvarson


Mila @jestcafe said...

Very cool. I want to jump into that tank, too!

hampton sc said...

They are really adorable creations!