A Holiday Vignette with Stephanie Vogler of Cross Design

Today we're excited to share another Holiday Vignette, this time from the home of Stephanie Vogler, Owner and Creative Director for The Cross here in Vancouver.  As many of you probably know, The Cross is an amazing store located right in the heart of Yaletown, filled with gorgeous hand-woven textiles to custom furniture.  Whenever we go to visit, it's like a kid in a candy store, so much to see and you want to take one of everything!

Tell us a bit about your vignettes!

This vignette is in my Living Room/Dining Room. I started with the mirror, and layered garlands to create a whimsical display. I love draping these sweet twinkle lights along with strands of yarn (from Michael's) or burlap or any winter themed strands you can find. It's rustic, glam and festive all at the same time.

The buffet holds a collection of votive candles and assorted little trees (Anthropologie) all grouped together. I keep my collections together rather than spreading them all over the house. Our place is small, so I like to create little themed vignettes in only a few key areas.

Most of my holiday collections have a common colour palette of silver, gold, or copper. I keep it very neutral so that I can change the accent colour as my tastes change over the years. This year I'm playing up the blush-pink colours that work really well with rose gold and copper. And if I'm in the mood, dash of red works nicely too! All decor unless noted is from The Cross.

What is your favorite holiday tradition?
I get very excited about picking out our tree and always want a bigger one than the year before. This year it's taken over the living room and I'm pretty happy about it. My favourite part about trimming the tree are the garlands...I'm obsessed with garlands.
I've also recently decided that Christmas Eve is my favourite time. There is so much excitement from the kids and they make it truly magical. Plus, I don't have to slave all day in the kitchen. I usually stay up late wrapping presents, listening to Christmas music, sipping Bailey's on ice by the tree. Love.

What are three go-to gifts that you'll be giving this year?

Thank you Stephanie!

Jan Halvarson


Judy said...

Oh my goodness, how utterly beautiful! Everything is just perfect and just enough! This is a truly wonderful Christmas vignette.
I love those prayer peads.
In late November, Anne, from THE WHITE LACE COTTAGE, made a beautiful wooden bead rosary and offers the instuctions on how to make one.

Judy said...

Oops! I meant "prayer beads"!