A Holiday Vignette with Lyndsay Sung of Coco Cake Land

Another holiday vignette guest today is Lyndsay of Coco Cake Land!  We're so happy to call Lyndsay one of our friends, and despite her very difficult year with breast cancer, she has remained super positive and inspiring!  As many of you already know, she was a contributor at Poppytalk for many years, and we're so happy for all her success along the way!  Her cakes and baking are amazing (if you haven't yet visited her online yet - see all her links below), and we always love to see what she's up to next!  We hear a book is in the works!  Yay Lyndsay!

Tell us about your vignettes!
We get our Christmas tree every year from the local garden shop a few blocks away from us, Figaro's Garden. I've always loved a colourful decorated tree hung with ornaments that each tell a funny little story - my mom has always been an ardent ornament collector - hers has so many funny 70s ones from our childhoods, or ones bought on holiday to remind her of special vacations, etc. Now our tree is similar, a real random assortment but each reminding me of something sweet. My son Teddy wanted a "dinosaur star" this year so we cut out a dinosaur together and he drew on it. We attached it to a wooden skewer and tied it onto the top! The ice cream cone light and vintage globe light are part of the whole package for me, too - I love the soft cozy light it adds, and reflects our style - a little bit of vintage, a little bit of comedy, a little haphazard!

What is your favourite holiday tradition?
Ornaments! I love typographic elements so finding those sparkly silver glitter metal letters in the sale bin at Pottery Barn was very exciting! I had to dig deep for the letter T and actually squealed when I found it, ha. (You could easily make ones out of silver glitter paper, too!) The french fries was a surprise present from sweet Kelly from Studio DIY, who did a BONKERS all-french-fries tree this year which I loved. It makes me smile whenever I see it on our tree and is the most talked about ornament. The vintage Christmas photograph was from my husband's late grandfather's collection, a nice way to incorporate our ancestors - I hole-punched it and added string = instant ornament with meaning! The little soft grey COMMONFOLK bear was a present from Miko of Coral and Cloud, and he sits perched in the tree, too! The pink baubles are vintage and the gingerbread letters I made. The letterpress ornaments are from Banquet.

Another holiday thing I get so excited about every year is making gingerbread houses! We are in love with A-frame cabins (my husband's family had one growing up so it holds great nostalgia for him) so I made a funny little unicorn-topped A-frame gingerbread house this year. Tutorial can be found here on my blog at Coco Cake Land! During the holidays I also bake my grandma's butterscotch pudding chocolate chip cookies every year, only at Christmas time. She passed away this year, it's a cookie I remember so fondly from her house on Christmas Day, but I am happy to continue the tradition. Taste memory means so much to me.

What are your favorite go-to presents to give?
I love giving food related gifts, edible stuff. I've got salted caramel sauce, fancy teas and I always bake and gift cookies! I also try my darndest to support local shops and my friends' work during the holidays, so I'm also giving Coral and Cloud necklaces, gift card to our fave modern vegetarian restaurant The Acorn and books and crafts from Collage Collage.

Thank you Lyndsay!

Find Lyndsay online:

Site: cococakeland.com
Twitter: @cococakeland
Instagram: @cococakeland
Pinterest: cococakeland
Facebook: CocoCakeLand

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