A Holiday Vignette with Lisa Solomon

We're excited to share a holiday vignette from our artist/teacher friend, Lisa Solomon.  We've featured Lisa's work here over the years, as well, she was even a regular contributor with her enlightening "make believe" collections.

Tell us a bit about your vignette?
So ever since our daughter entered the picture the holidays get done up round here ! My husband and I both love the vintage holiday aesthetic and so we were so happy to score the santa light from vermont country store. I can’t remember where I got the tinsel tree, but the cardboard houses and many of the vintage ornaments came from a very special friend. There were hers when she was a child and I’m honored she passed them on to me. The cat TV lamp usually is on our mantle but for the holidays my husband changed the lightbulb to green and drew some santa hats for the kitties.

What is one of your favourite holiday traditions?
This might sound totally corny, but I am loving that my daughter now sends a letter to santa. Last year was the first year. I also enjoy putting cookies out for santa because we usually make them together. I also just love staring at the tree with all the sparkly lights when it’s quiet. I squint so that it’s like bokeh….

Do you have any go-to gifts this year?
1) I’ve been eyeing this wax seal jewelry I spied on etsy.
2) I also just saw these and thought they were brilliant. Who doesn’t want a light saber popsicle ? [and my daughter is obsessed with star wars]
3) I spied these guys at the Berkeley Zine Fest last weekend and I LOVE not only their book, but the t-shirts and totes that they have.

Thank you Lisa!

You can find Lisa Solomon online:
Site: www.lisasolomon.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/lisa_solomon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lisasolomon/
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lisasolomondotcom/

Jan Halvarson

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