A Holiday Vignette with Jody Phillips

If we were going to buy a t-shirt that said "rad person" on it as a gift this year, it would go to Jody Phillips, Show Director, IDSwest. There's only a few people we've met that can get a job done like her; she's no-nonsense, sets high standards, yet is super-easy to work with!  She's so unassuming and quite simply, rad!  And so is her cozy home for the holidays! Check it out!

Tell us a bit about your photos!
I made this Merry Christmas garland (below) with my daughters five or so years ago when they were just wee. Times have changed, our family has grown and we’ve become older and busier, but this garland is what goes up first every year. It’s from a simpler time, when the girls were toddlers wielding ink pads, glue, glitter and paint.

This ‘berry branch’ (below and top photo) makes us laugh every year when we pull it out of the box. I think I bought it almost 10 years ago for $20. It’s made of styrofoam, plastic, wire (and some type of toxic paint, no doubt). When we have friends and family over during the holidays it always receives the most compliments. This branch will not die. It comes out of our Christmas box looking fresh every year. We plunk our red bird on it, some twinkling lights and we’ve got our mantle d├ęcor.

Tell us three go-to gifts that you'll be giving this year.

1) Wool Socks from Marimekko

2) Ambatalia’s Modern Apron

3) Sparkle Donkey Reposado Tequila

Thank you Jody! 

Follow Jody online at:
Site: idswest.com
Instagram: @jodykphillips

Jan Halvarson

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